Alexander's Naturals - Venison Bone Broth Pawz


Alexander's Naturals - Venison Bone Broth Pawz



    Bone broth is a super meaty jelly that has great properties. We have portioned it up for you to make it last a week



    Made from 100% Venison Bones, Meat & Cartilage. Making them ideal for dogs who have allergies to specific proteins



    Bone broth is a liquid gel, extracted from selected bone and connective tissue that contains natural proteins and minerals that are not normally found within your pets diet..

    These proteins and minerals play a vital role when it comes to conditions such as Arthritis, Food Allergies, Gut Health and so much more....       


    Bone broth is used for:

    • Improving the joint health & regeneration of Cartilage.   
    • Helping dogs with arthritis, joint pain and hip dysplasia 
    • Supports the immune system & helps with sick & recovering pets after surgery.  
    • Supporting the bone structure of growing pups & kittens.
    • As a maintenance plan to aid dogs over 4 years old or known to suffer from future arthritic problems.  



    1 paw per day fed as a treat or use as a decorative topping to their dinner