Apple Cider Vinegar Cloudy with Mother (Organic) 500ml

Apple Cider Vinegar Cloudy with Mother (Organic) 500ml

  • Apple cider vinegar, in it’s raw, organic and unpasteurised form has many health benefits for humans, dogs, cats and horses


    Internal uses

    Arthritis: Added to food twice a week - in water or directly into food it will help break down calcium deposits found around the joints as dogs get older which cause stiffness and discomfort. Continued use will make joints noticeably more flexible and less painful

    Flea repellant: ACV keeps the pH levels in the blood slightly acidic which fleas dislike intensely

    Skin and coat: ACV will soften the skin and bring the fur back to it’s former glory

    Itchy skin: It brings skin back to health itchiness is significantly reduced

    Upset stomachs: Add once a day to water if your dog has diarrhoea and repeat every day for a week to relieve constipation

    Tooth decay: There is evidence that the acidity levels in ACV helps to breakdown plaque and tartar on teeth


    External Uses

    Use a 1:1 ACV to water mix in a spray bottle - add the same ratio mix to shampoo as well

    Itchy skin: Use only on unbroken skin as it will sting otherwise - spray or wipe your dog down with the 1:1 mix as and when required, and after a bath or being in the water

    Parasite control: Spray or wipe down your dog a couple of times a week. Fleas can’t stand the acidity of ACV

    Ear cleaning: The antibacterial properties of ACV make it a good ear cleaner. Add the mix to cotton wool and carefully clean down inside the ears

    Tear staining: Wipe away tear stains, and use daily on tear stained fur or brown saliva stained fur (especially on paws) Use daily

    Deodorising: Add to shampoo to help with flea control then comb through damp fur afterwards to deodorise and keeps fleas at bay.

    Coat condition: Comb through and give your dog’s coat a sleek and shiny finish




    In water or food

    Small to medium dogs - 5ml or 1 teaspoon in water

    Medium to large dogs - 10ml or 1 dessert spoon in water


    All cats 1.25ml or 1/4 teaspoon in water or food - best measured with a small 2 or 5ml syringe as it’s such a tiny amount

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