Carniraw's Switch to Raw Box


Carniraw's Switch to Raw Box

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  • A mixture of minces & chicken feet to transition your dog to a raw diet. This is a box deal so saves off the list price



    Step 1: Naturaw Prime Chicken (100% Boneless) x 2

    Step 2:  MJ Petfoods Green Tripe (100% Boneless) x 2

    Step 3:  Naturaw Mild Chicken (90% Meat, 10% Bone) x 2

    Treats: 1 x 1kg Chicken Feet


    This feed can be used to introduce your pup to a raw diet.

    You can then move onto Complete Meals if you feel your dog has settled well onto the new diet.


    Can I mix processed and raw together? No. Processed food moves through the digestive system much slower than raw feed. Dogs evolved to eat meat and bones, high stomach acidity breaks down bone content and bacteria quickly. If you feed kibble and raw, the kibble slows down the digestion of raw and allows the possibility of bacteria to flourish.

    Are raw bone dangerous for dogs? No they are not. Dogs have the correct jaws and dentition along with digestive systems to chew and digest bone very easily.


    NO changes can be made to this box


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