Finer By Nature - VegPlus with Superfoods 1kg


Finer By Nature - VegPlus with Superfoods 1kg

  • A blend of vegetables and botanicals with a little oil for essential fatty acids.  All of our vegetables are from human grade sources and offer the freshest  and highest quality. 


    Nothing added or taken away simply pure vegetables, botanicals and oils


    • 100% fresh vegetables, botanicals and oils
    • Free flow for easy of use, easy to pour out amount desired
    • Excellent source of vitamins & minerals
    • Serve with protein of your choice


    20% Kale, 20% Spinach, 20% Butternut Squash, 20% Broccoli, 18.5% Pumpkin, 0.5% Organic Milled Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Goji Berries, Chia Seeds, Kelp Seaweed, Coconut


    Analytical Constituents
    Crude Protein 2.3%
    Crude Fat 2.3%
    Ash 0.8%
    Crude Fibre 1%


    Feeding guide
    As a general guide: If using VegPlus as an addition to meat then VegPlus should make up between 10% and 20% of the meal. If your dog is on a weight control programme than VegPlus can make up to 30% of the meal..