Jaspers Choice NATURALS - Venison Skin Strips with Fur 200g

Jaspers Choice NATURALS - Venison Skin Strips with Fur 200g

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  • Delicious, long lasting natural primal chews for dogs, Jaspers Choice Venison Skin with Hair is a perfect daily chew for dogs of all breeds and sizes.


    Irresistibly tasty, made with only 100% natural venison skin sourced from trusted EU suppliers to ensure quality and optimum nutrition in every bag, Jaspers Choice Venison Skin with Hair supports natural feeding, satisfying your dog’s primal chewing instincts while helping to strengthen the jaw, support optimum condition and provide an array of beneficial natural nutrients to your dog’s diet. 

    Naturally hypoallergenic, and a best-selling novel protein ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to traditional protein sources such as turkey, chicken, beef, lamb and pork, these tasty venison skin pieces are simply irresistible, rich in naturally lean protein, low in fat and a healthy source of iron, while being free from all addivitives, grains, gluten, unnecessary fillers and low cost/poor quality ingredients.


    Sourced from only trusted suppliers and hand bagged in the UK to ensure only the best for your dog at treat time, Jaspers Choice Venison Skin with Hair has been cut to 10-15cm lengths, with the hair naturally aiding worming and digestion, as well as supporting healthy teeth and gums.  Great as a longer lasting natural chew, each piece also boasts excellent natural omega 3 qualities supporting healthy skin and coat condition as well as overall good health, and are fully digestible to ensure a super-satisfying primal chew bursting with nutrients and lean novel protein. 


    • Delicious primal venison chews for dogs
    • Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes over 12 weeks of age
    • Made with only 100% natural, EU sourced venison skin from trusted suppliers
    • With hair, acting as a natural primal dewormer and dental chew for all breeds
    • Naturally high in lean protein, low in fat supporting ideal weight and condition
    • A novel, hypoallergenic quality lean protein source, ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to more traditional protein sources
    • Highly nutritious, providing a great source of iron, omega 3 and protein with every chew
    • Acts as a natural dental chew, supporting healthy chewing activity, a strong jaw and clean, healthy teeth and gums
    • Satisfies your dog’s primal instincts to chew, supporting good health and wellbeing while keeping him occupied, stimulated and satisfied
    • Fully digestible and grain and gluten free, ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies
    • NO Nasties – no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, added sugars or salts, poor or cheap quality meats, meat meals or derivatives, grains or gluten
    • Hand-packaged in the UK to ensure the finest quality products in every bag
    • Cut to approximately 10-15cm per piece, 250g bag


    Composition: 100% Venison Skin with Hair. 

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