Jaspers Choice NATURALS - Wild Boar Ears with Hair 3pcs

  • Delicious, all natural primal chews for dogs, Jaspers Choice Hairy Wild Boar Ears are bursting with goodness, containing only 100% natural wild boar ears with hair simply air dried.


    Intensely chewy and crunchy, they’re an ideal longer lasting chew for all breeds, bursting with healthy nutrients including Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Zinc and Selenium. They’re also a great source of lean protein and contain moderate levels of essential fatty acid Omega 3, helping to support healthy skin and coat condition and more.


    A great all-natural primal snack to satisfy natural chewing instincts and keep your dog occupied, stimulated and healthy, Wild Boar Ears are great for feeding as a snack, encouraging healthy chewing activity that supports mental and physical wellbeing, and can also be conveniently used as part of a DIY diet, with hairy chews known to aid as a natural wormer while helping to maintain dental hygiene. 


    Suitable for all breeds and both raw and kibble-fed dogs, they’re a fantastic guilt-free flavoursome and healthy chew, with three delicious ears per bag and ZERO additives.


    • Simply air dried to lock in natural nutrition, scent, texture and flavour
    • Part of the Jaspers Choice primal range with hair, aiding as a natural wormer while helping to support natural feeding and maintain dental hygiene
    • Packed with beneficial natural nutrition, including a rich source of protein and essential minerals to support good health and condition
    • An ideal longer lasting chew, helping to prevent boredom and satisfy natural urges and instincts
    • Great for keeping your dog occupied and stimulated
    • ZERO NASTIES – No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
    • Grain and gluten free, ideal for dogs with sensitivities or allergies
    • Simply air dried, providing an irresistibly chewy texture sure to satisfy and get tails wagging
    • Great for dental health and hygiene, supporting healthy gums and clean, strong teeth
    • Resealable pack to retain freshness, flavour and quality
    • 3 hairy wild boar ears per bag
    • Hand bagged in the UK by the Jaspers Choice team, ensuring the finest quality every time


    Composition: 100% Wild Boar

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