MJ Petfoods - Chicken Free Mixed Mince Tray 20x560g

  • Minced single protein meats in 560g bags. Each bag contains 4x160g portions.

    This is a bulk tray of 20x560g bags that saves you money off the single pack price. This tray would cost you £29.80 if brought singley so what a bargain!


    Single protein so you know exactly what you are feeding, geat for dogs with specific protein allergies.


    This box omits Chicken & Turkey so is ideal for those dogs with allergies


    Currently Contains:

    Duck Mince (Approx 20-25% Bone) x 4

    Lamb Mince (Approx 10-20% Bone) x 4

    Beef Mince (Approx 10-15% Bone) x 4

    Beef & Tripe Mince (Approx 10% Bone) x 4

    Beef Green Tripe 4x130g (0% Bone) x 4


    Duck Mince Duck Carcass, Duck Necks


    Lamb Mince Lamb Trim, Lamb Ribs, Lamb Lung, Lamb Trachea


    Beef Mince Beef Trim, Beef Heart, Beef Lung, Beef Trachea, Beef Bones


    Beef & Tripe Mince Beef Trim, Beef Heart, Beef Lung, Beef Trachea, Beef Bones, Beef Green Tripe


    Beef Tripe Mince 100% Beef Green Tripe 


    • Contents shown may vary due to stock limitations etc
    • No changes can be requested for this box.
    • We are unable to accept exchanges on specific flavours if your dog does not like them.
    • Notify us if your dog has allergies



    An amazingly convienient mince in 560g packs, each pack contains 4x160g blocks (Tripe is 4x130g) each block is individually frozen. Super easy to defrost & serve. A very unique product!

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