MJ Petfoods - Mixed Complete 80/10/10 Tray 20x560g (11.2kg)

MJ Petfoods - Mixed Complete 80/10/10 Tray 20x560g (11.2kg)

1 Kilogram
  • Complete Single Protein 80/10/10 Complete Meals in 560g bags. Each bag contains 4x160g portions

    This is a bulk tray of 20x560g bags that saves you money off the single pack price. This tray would cost you £39.80 if brought singly so what a bargain!


    Single protein completes so you know exactly what you are feeding, geat for dogs with specific protein allergies.


    Currently Contains:

    Chicken Complete (Single Protein) x 5

    Chicken & Salmon Complete x 2

    Lamb Complete (Single Protein) x 3

    Beef Complete (Single Protein) x 3

    Duck Complete (Single Protein) x 2

    Turkey Complete (Single Protein) x 3

    Turkey & Oily Fish Complete x 2



    Chicken – Single Species 80% Chicken Carcass, Chicken Trim, 10% Chicken Bones, 5% Chicken Heart/Lung, 5 % Chicken Liver


    Lamb – Single Species 80% Lamb Trim, Lamb Lung, Lamb Heart, Lamb Trachea, 10% Lamb Ribs, 5 % Lamb Spleen, 5% Lamb Liver


    Beef – Single Species 80% Beef Trim, Beef Lung, Beef Heart, Beef Trachea, 10% Beef Bones, 5% Beef Spleen, 5% Beef Liver


    Turkey  – Single Species 80% Turkey Meat/Trim, Turkey Necks, 5% Turkey Liver, 5% Turkey Hearts (Bone Content approx 10%)


    Turkey & Oily Fish 75 %Turkey Meat/Trim, Turkey Necks, 5% Turkey Liver, 5% Turkey Hearts, 15% Herring (Bone Content approx 10%)


    Duck – Single Species 80% Duck Carcass, Duck Necks, Duck Trim, 10% Duck Bones, 5 % Duck Gizzards/Hearts, 5% Duck Liver


    • Contents shown may vary due to stock limitations etc
    • No changes can be requested for this box.
    • We are unable to accept exchanges on specific flavours if your dog does not like them.
    • Notify us if your dog has allergies



    An amazingly convienient mince in 560g packs, each pack contains 4x160g blocks, each block is individually frozen. Super easy to defrost & serve. A very unique product!