MVM - Mixed Complete Box 24x454g (10.9kg)


MVM - Mixed Complete Box 24x454g (10.9kg)

1 Kilogram
  • 24x454g of MVM Complete minces 


    Can contain a mix of any complete meals: (stock dependant, mix may be subject to change)

    • Notify us if you dog has allergies
    • Subject to stock, some flavours may change
    • No changes can be requested for this box.
    • We are unable to accept exchanges on specific flavours if your dog does not like them.


    Currently Contains:


    8 x Game Dinner (Pheasant, Venison, Duck and/or Hare)

    8 x Chicken Dinner (Single protein)

    8 x Meaty DInner (Mixture of proteins)


    A lovely great value mince in 454g chubbs