Small Breed Dog Treat Pack

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  • A money saving treat pack thats ideal for small breed dogs (or any breed in fact!) from 8 weeks+. Packed with super tasty training treats & long lasting chews, theres a great selection to keep your pup occupied.


    Each Pack Contains:

    • 1 x Buffalo Mini Bites: Tasty meaty bites made from 100% Buffalo, these are great for taking out on a walk to practice that recall! - A great high value reward that can be given anytime.
    • 1 x Chicken Roll Bakes: Tasty crunchy bites packed with Chicken & Oats. Rich in Omega 3 & 6 for a healthy coat.
    • 1 x Luv Hearts: Show your dog how much you love them! Tasty semi soft heart shaped bites, packed with lip smacking Chicken & Liver.
    • 2 x Dried Rabbit Ears: A natural chewy treat, ideal for a lunchtime snack.
    • 1 x Cow Ear: Gently air dried for a long lasting chew, for when you want a peaceful 5 minutes!
    • 1 x Furry Deer Ear: Super tough & chewy to keep pups occupied for longer, the fur acts as a natural wormer too!
    • 1 x Rabbit Hide Roll: A natural rabbit hide chew with fur, long lasting and the fur is a natural wormer too! 100% Rabbit.
    • 1 x Small Beef Trachea - Packed with glucoasmine this is ideal for joint support. Super chewy and last ages, why not stuff with your pets food and freeze to make them last even longer!?

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